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Temptation of Husband’s Brother 2017

Temptation of Husband’s Brother 2017

INDOXXI.RU – Episode 1: Ayana looks at Yamato from the veranda every morning.

I will return to the veranda without fail.
He looks at Yamato waiting for the bus to work.
Yamato is in the eyes of Ayana, who seem to be tempting herself
Forget about going to work and getting sucked in.
Then Ayana, who writes something on paper airplane.
After receiving her message, Yamato asked her to rescue her.
I run to her house one step at a time.
The house was messy,
The body of an uncomfortable father
Looking at Ayana, Yamato gets excited.

INDOXXI.RU – Episode 2: Sota, who served seven years in prison for an offense,

Until he becomes self-reliant in adapting himself to social life, he will take care of his brother and sister.
No matter how close I am, I have a history, and I am alone with my wife, Kyoko.
Yuji, who was worried, transformed the basement and set up a place for his brother to stay for a while.
However, Sota, who has solved sex needs alone in prison for seven years
When I first saw Kyoko,
Kyoko is also full of my head because I want to hold it in a wide socks.
Soto, who came into the house with the door open, came to Kyoko
Kyoko also feels envious about Yuji and another play.

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