Bad Girl [Layar-21.com]

Bad Girl [Layar-21.com]

Layar-21 – Yuki, who is a daughter of Hama-shima, a family of generations, and whose sexual attraction is full of iron, meets with many men
I usually want to live as a woman and I want to leave my father.
Akai, who works for her father, is the brother of Mika, Yuki’s best friend. After being abandoned by her parents
Two brothers and sisters grew harder. But if Mika is not heart transplanted, she will have to die.
As a result, Akai had been working under Hamashima for his sister’s surgery expenses.
Akai tries to borrow Yuki’s father, Hama-shima, but Hama-shima is coldly refused and frustrated
The missing Akai is a criminal designer, Tsudo. Hamasima is a Chinese mafia and a Japanese crime organization
I know drug trade information and plan to hit the drug trade scene.
However, when the number of people is short, Hamashima is trying to work with the bully Tora Brother …

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